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Some people are allergic to cats but love them. Are you wondering if cats can cause allergies? Yes, even as an adult. You can brush, vacuum, and use anti-allergen products to help your cat allergies. Sometimes, just being around one cat for a few days or more can be enough to reduce your allergy.

As an adult, Cat Allergies can be developed

Most people have allergies as a child. These symptoms include itchy eyes, congestion, redness, itching, sneezing or coughing. These symptoms can sometimes not be noticed until later in life or early adulthood. You may notice symptoms right away or later in the day.

This is often a sign that your cat’s fur causes you to be allergic. However, outdoor cats can sometimes bring in mold or pollen on their furs. This can lead to an allergic reaction.

Your cats might pick up on your anxiety and start sneezing more if you’re constantly sneezing around them. A calm diffuser can let your cats know that everything is fine. These diffusers emit an odorless, drug-free vapor that mimics cat pheromones. This vapor signals that the area is safe.

Natural Remedies

You can find natural ways to rid your cat of allergies. While these methods are unlikely to cure your allergies, they may be helpful. You can start by making sure one room is allergen-free, such as your bedroom. Hypoallergenic bedding is recommended. This creates a safe zone that is not triggered.

Next, make sure to clean your home regularly. Steam clean upholstery, and wash blankets, sheets, or shades often. Dust frequently and vacuum with a HEPAfilter. You might consider an air purifier that has a HEPA filter. A spray anti-allergen spray can also be applied to your home.

Low-dust litter is best. Wash your hands after petting your cat. Your allergies might be worsened if your cat is allowed to touch your face or rub on your eyes while you pet it.

You can also keep your cat’s coat clean. Use vet-recommended wipes to cut down on dander, or bathe your cat using an anti-allergen shampoo. Warm (but not boiling) water is better for cats than if they are still kittens. Brushing can be helpful too. It may take a few brushes to find the right one for your cat. You can reward him with treats, and you might start with very short brushing times until he becomes more comfortable. It might be beneficial to feed your cat a healthy diet that includes omega-rich food, which can help with the health of his skin and coat.

Other Options

For less severe allergies, some people prefer to use over-the counter antihistamines. Others might opt to see their doctor to get allergy shots that may help decrease the severity of symptoms or prescription eye drops that can relieve itchy eyes. You should always consult your doctor if there are any questions.

Sometimes symptoms subside

Sometimes, allergies to one cat might disappear over time. You may have allergies to other cats but not to the pet at home. It may take several months for this to happen and it is not always an immediate gift.

An allergy can be diagnosed if you experience symptoms like itching eyes and sneezing when you are around cats. You can reduce your symptoms by keeping your house clean and your cat clean. Your doctor might be able to offer other solutions.

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