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Find The Largest Rattlesnake Ever Captured in Florida

Today we’ll learn more about the largest Florida rattlesnake! Florida is well-known for its beaches but it also has a wide range of wildlife, including snakes. There are many large snakes in Florida. However, there are also plenty of rattlesnakes. Let’s see which rattlesnake is the largest ever recorded in Florida.

Florida’s Largest Rattlesnake

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake: A Review

The Viperidae family includes the venomous pit vipers, the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes. They are found in the southeastern United States. They are the most venomous rattlesnakes and the largest. They are extremely large and venomous but rarely attack humans unless provoked. They are most commonly found in Florida as eastern diamondbacks. They can also be found in the southeast regions of the United States.

Size and appearance

Eastern diamondbacks are a long, strong-bodied snake with a distinctive rattle on their tails. They can be brownish-yellow or brownish-gray in color. Their bodies are covered in deep brown, diamond-shaped blotches with lightened centers. Their bellows are usually yellow- or cream-colored with dark colors on the sides. This snake has a dark stripe running from their eye to the tip of their heads. This is often bordered with white or yellow stripes.


Eastern diamondbacks are carnivorous, and they rely on small mammals as their food. They eat both rabbits and mice. Their diet may include birds, however. These snakes strike prey and give off a strong, venomous bite when they sense it. They will follow the scent of their prey and eat it before swallowing it. The average eastern diamondback will eat small mammals but larger species have been observed eating squirrels, rabbits and young wild turkeys.


Because eastern diamondbacks are native to the southeast United States and can be found in Florida, they will always be there. They have been seen in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as well as the southern part of North Carolina. They can be found in dry pine forests, sandhills and marshes, as well as swamp forests, sandy forests, sandy woodlands, and even dry prairies. They hibernate in hollow logs and stumps in colder regions, or in mammal burrows if they’re in areas with more severe winters.


The eastern diamondback rattlesnake has a reputation for being America’s largest rattlesnake. It is also America’s most dangerous venomous snake. It is known for its large fangs, which are among the largest rattlesnakes in the world. Crotalase is released from the venom once it bites. This venom can cause severe pain and hemorhaging. When the eastern diamondback bites, it can release 400-450 mgs of this poison. The human lethal dose is around 100-150 mgs. The bite can cause death in between 10-30% of victims.


The natural lifespan of eastern-diamondback rattlesnakes in the wild is approximately 15-20 years. Scientists say they have never seen any specimens live more than 10 years. Captive Eastern diamondbacks, such as those kept in rehabilitation centers or zoos, are said to live up to 20 years. Habitat conservation and consistent care are key factors in this longevity. Humans often kill these snakes in order to get their skin or meat.


While eastern diamondback rattlesnakes can be dangerous and highly venomous, they are rarely a danger to humans. These snakes aren’t endangered. Their numbers are decreasing rapidly because of habitat loss and hunting. They are currently not protected by the federal government and could be vulnerable. If you see one in the wild, don’t touch it and allow it to continue its journey.

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