The Best “Walmart Travel Pillows” for 2022

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Experts predict that this summer will be a busy one for travel due to the increasing number of Covid-19 vaccines and the many restrictions being lifted across the country. With CDC guidelines allowing for masked domestic travel, fully vaccinated Americans will soon find themselves spending many hours on buses, trains, planes and other modes of transportation. A travel pillow is a great accessory to help you get some sleep, especially during long and exhausting travel times. A travel pillow can be a great way to get some much-needed sleep. We asked sleep and travel experts for their advice and put together a list of the top Walmart Travel Pillows.

What are the Advantages of Walmart Travel Pillows?

Many people find it difficult to relax during long flights on planes or other modes of transport. Other obstacles include uncomfortable seats, restricted leg space, loud conversations, and constant overhead announcements. Andrew Varga MD, a board certified physician at The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center said that one of the reasons people have trouble sleeping while on vacation, particularly when there are time changes, it is because they try to sleep at a time with low circadian and homeostatic drives. This means they don’t sleep as well as they would normally, which makes them less tired. Varga also mentioned that the space in which you sleep is often limited and does not allow for recumbent and/or changing positions.

Alex Dimitriu MD, a board-certified psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist, said that not everyone is a deep sleeper. He said that posture is a major factor in how we feel. Anyone who has ever slept on an airplane knows that the head can fall to the side or forward. This can be uncomfortable, cause neck pain, and make breathing more difficult.

Mayank Shukla MD, a New York City-based board-certified pulmonologist, said that sleeping upright is not a natural position. “Our head is almost 10 pounds heavy and flops around when we sleep upright. This causes pain and muscle strain, which can lead to aches and other symptoms.

Experts have found that Walmart Travel Pillows provide neck support and relief from discomfort. These pillows are lightweight and portable. They can also be ergonomically designed to fit different body types. Some even have temperature regulation features. These can be useful for frequent flyers who want to keep a regular sleeping schedule while on vacation.

Neck Support is Vital When Traveling

It is important to ensure your comfort when you Walmart Travel Pillows by plane, train or car. The worst thing about flying is the economy class. There is almost no space to move because the seats are so close together.

It doesn’t matter if you travel by train or car. You can make your travel more comfortable by carrying a travel pillow. These are the benefits of having a travel pillow.