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Carhartt Dog beds are a great alternative for your dog to sleep in your bed. Dog beds must be kept clean, just as a bed. Dog beds can smell awful if they are not properly maintained. This blog will show you how to clean your dog’s bed.

Can you wash a bed?

The answer is “Yes!” and regular cleaning of your dog’s bed is important. The majority of dog beds come with a removable cover that makes cleaning easy. Even beds that don’t have a cover can still be vacuumed or spot cleaned.

How to clean a carhartt dog bed

Vacuum your dog’s bed. Vacuuming the dog’s bed will remove hair, dirt and other debris. If you have missed any hairs, roll a lintroller over the bed. Before washing your bed, remove as much dog hair as you can. It is important to remove dog hair before washing. Use an upholstery attachment and a vacuum hose for best results.

Wash the cover of your dog bed. Many dog beds come with removable covers. This makes cleaning easier. Check the instructions for washing the dog bed cover. You should start by taking off the entire cover if your dog bed covers are removable. Place the fabric cover in the washer. Separately wash other laundry. Use cold water to wash bed covers in a large load setting. To avoid irritating your dog’s skin, use a pet-safe laundry soap. If necessary, the fabric cover can be washed more often.

Use stain remover. The Carhartt dog bed cover may still be stained by urine or poop, so washing it might not work. Spray the dog bed with a stain-removing spray if there are urine, poop, mud or other deep stains. The dog bed should be washed in the washer. You can also take the dog bed to the laundromat if it is too big.

The bed should be dried. Dry your dog’s bed by placing it in a dryer. To reduce static, tumble dry the bed for 20 minutes. Then, air-fluff it with a pet safe dryer sheet. This will help prevent any pet fur from getting into the bed. It is also possible to let removable covers and dog beds air dry. To prevent mold and mildew growth, hang the bedding in a dry area.

How to wash a Carhartt dog bed with stuffing

Most stuffed dog beds have a removable cover. This makes cleaning up the bed easy. Check the tag to see if your stuffed dog bed does not have a cover.