Top of a Giant “Metal Dog Head”

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This is Fortnite’s Week 9 dance challenge. It consists of three stages. The first stage required us to dance on top a sundial. The second stage required us to dance on top a large cup of coffee. Finally, for the final challenge we are asked to locate a huge metal dog head. Fortnite’s giant qualifier is somewhat confusing because it can sometimes be a little flexible. The idea of a metal dog is a throwback to a junkyard. This is exactly where we are going. For a map, a guide and the location of where you can dance on top a huge metal dog head, read on.

Junk Junction has tucked the giant metal dog head in the Northwestern corner. Although it isn’t always the most visited location in the game, it will see a lot more activity this week due to a few reasons. Here’s where you want to go:

Attention! It isn’t the giant metal animal that you see behind Junk Junction. It’s actually a llama. You can see its long neck and the fact that there are llamas everywhere in this game. You can find the sign at the southern entrance that identifies the dog you are looking for. Here’s what to look for:

This one is actually quite difficult for such an easy action. There aren’t many great places to land on it and only a few people can use it. I chose to stand on my nose because it has enough space to allow one person to dance. You can also climb on the head of it, but be prepared to get pickaxed quickly.

Junk Junction is hot because it’s the site for an elimination challenge. Expect to be blasted off this metal dog head almost immediately you land on it. However, as long as you can learn a few dance moves, it should be okay. This concludes the three-stage dance challenge for this week. It should bring you one step closer towards unlocking your Prisoner skin.