Adoption: 5 Tips to Welcome a Newly Adopted Pet into Your Home

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Adoption: 5 Tips to Welcome a Newly Adopted Pet into Your Home

Any pet owner who is looking to adopt a pet should visit a shelter or rescue home. There are so many things that you need to take into consideration when welcoming your pet into your home. We’ve chosen five most important things:

1. You should make sure that everyone is ready for a new pet.

Discuss with your family the changes you may need to make before you bring your pet home. You should also commit to a consistent approach in training your pet. This includes positive reinforcement and setting acceptable boundaries. This is an important step that will avoid confusion and frustration, as well as set up your new pet for success.

Here are some topics you might consider discussing and distributing responsibility.

  • Feeding times, location – Including a daily treat budget’ to ensure your new addition is trim and wonderful
  • Playtime and Exercise – Training – Use positive reinforcement and a consistent approach to everyone
  • Water- Daily bowl change Medication/prevention treatment e.g. Regularly administering heartworm/ flea treatment
  • Homecare – Providing dental care, including checking and brushing teeth, feeding dental chews when necessary, and checking ears and eyes for any other issues.

Grooming (such brushing and washing)

Litter collection and disposal

Laundry to clean your bedding

Schedule of veterinary care for regular check-ups or boosters

2. Patience is the key to perseverance

Patient is the key to understanding your pet’s personality, and helping them to learn. You can train an older pet, but it will take persistence and positivity.

3. Petproof your home

When you first bring home a pet, it is important to learn how to keep things in check. You never know when your pet will eat the chicken sandwich you left on the kitchen counter. You should inspect your garden, home, and shed for any poisons that could be harmful to your pet. Read more at Poisons in the Household. Check your fence for escape routes and the height of fences that allow dogs to jump.

4. Introduce your pet to family and friends slowly.

A pet’s adjustment to a new environment can take up to several weeks. It’s a great idea for cats to be kept in a quiet room with their toys, scratching posts, litter tray until they become comfortable with their new environment. For older pets, socialization is essential. Learn more about socializing puppies.

5. Take into consideration more than one pet

Cats, in particular, need exercise and stimulation. Two cats can help them get that. A second pet is also a good idea for dogs who are left home alone while their owners work. This is because each pet is unique, and some pets can be more happy being left alone.

If you’re already on the path to pet adoption, congratulations! You can be sure that your pet will bring joy to your life and become your best friend. Please contact our pet healthcare team with any questions regarding adoption and how to care for your pet.