Adoption – 5 Tips for welcoming a new pet into your home

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Adoption – 5 Tips for welcoming a new pet into your home

A new pet owner should be excited about visiting a shelter, rescue center or veterinarian to adopt a pet. There are many things you should consider when welcoming a new pet to your family. We have chosen five of our welcoming a new pet most important tips:

1. Everyone in the home should be prepared to take on a new pet.

Before you bring home your pet, talk with your family about any changes. Also, commit to a consistent approach to training. Use positive reinforcement, set boundaries, and follow rules. This will help avoid frustration and confusion, and set your pet up for success. These are some things that you might like to talk about and assign responsibility for:

Feeding times & location

with a daily “treat budget” so that your new addition remains trim and fantastic

Playtime and exercise

Training (use positive reinforcement for all – consistent approach for everyone)


daily water change Medication or prevention treatment, e.g. Regular doses of heartworm/ flea/ heartworm treatment

Home healthcare

Checking teeth, providing dental care (brushing and feeding dental chews if necessary), and checking ears, eyes, and other problems.

  • Grooming (such a brushing and washing).
  • Litter disposal and removal
  • Laundry for clean bedding
  • Schedule for veterinary care (for routine check-ups, and boosters of vaccinations)

2. Patience, persistence

Patience is key when it comes to learning about your pet’s personality and behavior. Although it is possible to train older pets, you must be patient and positive.

3. Your home should be welcoming a new pet-proof

You will soon learn to be careful when you bring home your first pet. Your pet could eat a chicken sandwich that was left on the counter. It is important to check your house, garden, and shed for poisons that could cause harm to your pet. Learn more about poisons in the home. You should also inspect your fence and gates to ensure escape routes are available. Also check the height of fences for dogs who can jump.

4. When introducing welcoming a new pet your pet’s new friends or family members, take it slow

It can take several weeks for pets to adjust to a new environment. To help them become more comfortable in their new environment, it is a good idea to keep them in a separate room. It is important to socialize older pets. However, it is best to take it slow. Find out more about socializing puppies.

5. You might consider more than one pet

Two cats can provide exercise and mental stimulation for cats, as well as social interaction. Another pal can be a great idea if your dog is at home while you’re at work. This is because every pet is unique and some pets will be content to be left alone.

Congratulations if you have already started the journey to pet adoption. Your pet will be your best friend and bring you joy. Contact our pet care team if you have questions about pet adoptions or how to care.

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