Travel Medallion Botw: In Master Trials DLC

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TheMaster Trials DLC introduces the Travel Medallion Botw with its associated “EX Teleportation Rumors!” side quest into The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild. You can create an ad-hoc, fast travel location from wherever you are standing with the Travel Medallion Botw. You can travel anywhere you want, and then return to your original location without having to search for a tower or shrine nearby.

One Travel Medallion Botw fast-travel location can be held at a given time. This means you have to be careful how you use it. To put it another way, creating a second point will erase your first.


  • After installing The Master Trials DLC you will be able to boot up Breath Of The Wild and receive the “EX Teleportation Rumors!” sidequest. Its text reads:
  • According to rumours, there is a tool that will allow you to travel instantly to any location you have placed it.
  • South Akkala Stable apparently has a copy Super Rumor Mill EX which contains some rumors about the rare item…
  • Surprisingly, the first thing that you should do is to travel to South Akkala Stable.

How To Find The Travel Medallion Botw – South Akkala Stable?

South Akkala Stable is located in northeastern Hyrule. Ze Kasho shrine is the closest warp point. Look for a book placed on a table in the stable. It will lead you to a new route in the EX Teleportation Rumors. side quest. The text of the quest changes to:

Super Rumor Mill EX Volume 2 is now available! This special issue contains rumors about an item that allows you to instantly travel to any location.

  • This item’s treasure chest is believed to be located in northeast Akkala under a labyrinth.
  • You can believe the rumors and find the labyrinth to locate the treasure chest.

This text refers specifically to Lomei Labyrinth Island off the coast in the far northeast corner of Hyrule. Beyond The Master Trials are the Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest (and the Tu Ka’loh shrine, the closest warp point), which can be found there.

Check out our guides if you are still not done with the Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest or Tu Ka’loh shrine.

There are many Guardians on the path ahead. You should make the trek to the Akkala Ancient Technology Lab to buy the Ancient Armor. This armor reduces damage against Breath of the Wild’s mechanic foes. If you have the armor, equip it and think about upgrading it. You can also buy Ancient Arrows to kill guardians in one eyeshot.

You’ll find an updraft coming from the ground just in front of Tu Ka’loh’s shrine. You can jump into it.

You’ll find the treasure chest with the Diamond Circlet when you land. This reduces Guardians’ damage. This is a great thing to have, especially considering the fact that you are surrounded by Guardians. Four Guardians will attack you as soon as your chest is opened.

To fight the mechanized beasts, equip the Ancient Armor, Guardian Weapons or the Master Sword. (Check out our Master Sword Guide if you don’t have it yet).

While you don’t need to defeat them all, it’s impossible to avoid certain ones. To block the lasers of the Guardians, cover the room with Guardians and pillars. Be aware that some Guardians may not be deactivated and could spring to life if you approach them.

We defeated all Guardians and stole the deactivated ones. This room is full of Ancient Gears.