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Bigfoot Travel Trailer: Campers

Bigfoot Travel Trailer campers don’t seem to be new in the RV world, but they have seen many changes over time that have made them who they are today. We’ll find out who makes them and what makes Bigfoot Travel campers unique.

Travel Trailer RV manufactures Travel Trailer campers. It was established in 1978 by Terry Mayall, Erwin Kreig and Clyde Burgess. Terry wanted to start his own business. Erwin also owned Boler, which was a small trailer business. The three of them combined their talents and visions to Create a Travel Trailer.

Due to financial difficulties, Bigfoot Travel Trailer RV was temporarily closed in 2008. Grant Bilodeau, a former Operations Manager, repurchased the company assets one year later. Bilodeau revived the company in 2010 and made campers that continue delighting RVers across North America.

Bigfoot Travel Trailer campers have a reputation for being high quality and thoughtfully designed. They also make travel trailers and truck campers.

Bigfoot Travel Trailer Campers can be ordered through both Canadian and American factory outlets. You can often find used Travel trailers for sale on sites such as Facebook Marketplace or Trader, because they are a high quality RV.

Where are Campers Made?

Bigfoot Travel Trailer RV has a facility located in Armstrong, BC Canada. Travel Trailer constructs its campers in a multi-building 85,000-square-foot complex.

Is My Travel Trailer Camper Four Seasons?

No matter what season it is, you will be able to camp in comfort in your Travel Trailer camper. Your pipes will not freeze due to the heated underbelly. The thermal windows and solid walls will keep you comfortable all year. Many Travel Trailer campers feature dual-pane windows.

Are Bigfoot Travel Camper Trailers Fiberglass?

Yes! Terry, Clyde and Erwin were the original campers. They had extensive fiberglass experience. They owned a fiberglass tub business before starting Travel Trailer RV.

They knew from their experiences that fiberglass would make an excellent RV. They wanted to make a camper that was light and had no seams or weak points. Travel Trailer trailers are fiberglass. But their truck campers also are fiberglass.

Quality-oriented company that focuses on the best models rather than quantity. Their reputation is also one of the most well-made truck camper brands. Let’s have a look at the available models of Travel Trailer.

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