Travel Trunks: and proposition

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If packed well and practical, the steamer trunk can hold all that a woman needs to travel to Europe. The question of what to bring on the voyage to Europe has become an everyday occurrence. It was difficult to keep your travel trunks light for long transatlantic crossings. Voyagers needed a variety of outfits and toiletries to meet different social situations. The clothing also had to be warm against the cold ocean air. The heavy luggage of that era meant that the carriages and trains were smaller and more compact.

Excess baggage was a cost that passengers had to pay, and the contents could also be subject to customs fees. This added incentive motivated most passengers to pack smartly and with restraint. The Travel Trunks trunks were designed to suit the needs of this era, and offer clever solutions to many of today’s Travel Trunks problems.


Women’s journals were a source of advice for ocean-voyagers in the 19th and early-20th centuries. The articles focused on the preparation and selection of luggage. They described the different types of Travel Trunksling bags, trunks, and valises that were available, what to pack, and how to pack it with illustrated instructions. It was not uncommon for first-class Travel Trunks and Travel Trunks to have a large collection of luggage. Some of this luggage was used only for ocean-voyaging, so it would be stored onshore while its owner Travel Trunksled. It is important to invest in the best luggage pieces and pack them strategically. This will increase your chances of having a smooth trip. Consider the following questions: What items are you going to need to have access to at what stage of your journey? What luggage could you fit in the hold? What number of pieces of luggage can you take? Are your belongings well-packed to withstand the various stages of the journey?

The Bazar warns readers to not buy a cheap trunk. It is essential for the enjoyment of a tour that your baggage is safe. Anxiety about a lady’s wardrobe can even detract from the joys of a wedding tour.

The Travel Trunks were given practical tips throughout the packing process. From lining the trunk with sheets and placing heavy items at the bottom to keeping the most important belongings at the top, The Travel Trunks readers were given tips on how to layer their outfits and how to use tissue, padding and even pins to protect delicate pieces. They also learned which garments to avoid, including those made of “gauze or chiffon” (New York Journal and Advertiser May 16th 1897).