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Danimals Crush Cups The Dannon Company, Inc., White Plains, NY, Danimals brand yogurt offers a new twist: The yogurt can be sold in “crush cup” format. They have accordian-style pleated sides and can be squeezed to disperse the yogurt directly from the cup.
Michael Neuwirth, senior director of public relations at Dannon, says that the Crush Cup makes Danimals even more fun for children and is easier to eat on-the-go since no spoon is required.

Danimals Crush Cups were sent to national retailers beginning in mid January.

Neuwirth explains that “our customers [retailers] have enthusiastically taken this new product because of the innovative packaging design and the substantial marketing investment Dannon has made.” “The product and the advertising received overwhelmingly positive initial feedback.”

The CrushPak(r) (www.crushpak.com) package was licensed to Dannon through EverEdgeIP (www.everedgeip.com). Fonterra New Zealand is the largest dairy exporter in the world and has been a previous CrushPak customer. In 2006, it became the first company to introduce the CrushPak for its Splatz yogurt (see packworld.com/article-22456).

Crush Cups can be made in Dannon’s facility using Arcil (www.arcil.net), thermoform/fill/seal machinery. Neuwirth explained that the Crush Cup mold can be interchanged with the mold for the regular four-ounce cups. The cups can still be thermoformed with polystyrene sheets.

The pleats make the Crush Cups compact, which makes them less bulky when they are thrown away. However, that is not something Dannon is trying to promote, Neuwirth says.

CrushPak claims material reductions up to 35% because of container strengthening from the pleated sideswalls versus smooth-walled ones, but Dannon isn’t making such a claim for the Crush Cups, Neuwirth says.

Each four-pack of  4-oz is priced at $2.49

The Danimals Crush Cups are not being discontinued. You can always ask the manager of your favorite store if it is out of stock or discontinued.

Oh, Danimals. It ranks right up there alongside all the nostalgic snacks for kids: 6′ long rolls of pink bubblegum, Lunchables and adorable Cosmic Brownies. You’re listening to NSYNC before you know it and wonder why we don’t have the ability to go back in time. Many of these beloved colors have declined over the years, such as Jell-O’s pudding pops and Nintendo-themed cereals (via MSN). Danimals has been thriving since 1994, when the child-friendly product was introduced (via Funding Universe).

Danimals has not lost its enthusiasm for its brightly colored yogurt cups in simple flavors such as strawberry banana, raspberry and vanilla. Over the years, Danimals has released squeezable pouches and its beloved kid-friendly smoothie. It even has orange cream, watermelon and cotton candy varieties. You are sure to be smiling now, your inner child.

It turns out that Danimals is just one chapter of a long and winding story. Before Dannon, the parent company of Danimals, it arrived in America.
Danimals allowed us to have a chat with the Sprouse twins

Danimals continues to honor the legacy of Isaac Carasso, the father of Danone and a pioneer in digestive health care. According to Danone North America, Danimals has launched a low-fat yogurt that contains “billions of probiotics.” Super Danimals is a sweet yogurt that’s meant to strengthen and nurture the immune system of children who consume it. The company claims that the snack will contain vitamins C and D and no artificial flavoring. However, yogurt cups will come in strawberry, blueberry, cherry, and vanilla flavors.