Fuzzu “Trump Dog Toy” 

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Donald Trump Dog Toy It has a ridiculously golden tan, crazy hair and a horrid suit. It doesn’t speak, but it has a squeaker that is easier to hear.

This design is fun and uses lots of stuffing and assorted fabrics to give dogs a fun’mouth feel. But, all they want to do is search for the ‘hidden squeak’!

Non-toxic plush with polyester Trump Dog Toy accents and fiberfill

  • Included: Squeaker
  • Comforting dog toy
  • Sizes available:
  • Small – 31cm

While we are certain that your dog will love the toy, please keep in mind that dogs interact with toys differently and no toy can be destroyed. We recommend that your dog be supervised and that toys are checked regularly.

San Diego student markets Donald Trump Dog Toy chew

A law student from San Diego has devised a way for American voters to vent their frustrations about this year’s presidential election.

Chomp-A-Chump was created by Josh Morse, first-year student at California Western School of Law. His shop sells chew toys for $9.99 that bear a striking resemblance with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He plans to offer dolls in the shape of Hillary Clinton.

Morse stated that they are pet toys with a purpose. It’s not something to be taken seriously. It’s light-hearted, funny, and absurd way to view this political season.”

Morse founded the company in May, but the idea was born in the fall 2015 while Cody, his six-year-old Australian Shepherd, watched a GOP debate.

Morse stated that Trump started barking at Trump because he usually barks at animals only on TV. “The lightbulb went off in me. I will design a Donald Trump Dog Toy parody chewtoy.

Morse said that he didn’t act immediately on the idea, but Trump Dog Toy gained momentum in the election. Morse spent hours studying YouTube instructional videos to learn how he could design and make the toy.

Final version features a heart tattoo reading “PUTIN” and “Wall Building 101” in the back.

Although it was initially intended to be a chew toy for children, Morse stated that people have used the product as a door stopper, desk ornament, or something to hold onto when they are stressed at work.

Morse claimed that he sold his first 1,000 toys in just 23 days. Morse hopes to soon sell the rest of his stock to pay off student debt and to give back to local shelters.

He stated, “My goal is drop off bags full of Frisbees and balls to all the shelters in this area.” “If it weren’t for [Cody], I wouldn’t be able to come up with this idea. So it was kinda a way for us to give back.”

Morse believes that giving back is a common theme. He claims that he was just five years old when his abusive father left his mother. Morse fled from the family who was living on streets.

He claimed he was given a second Trump Dog Toy chance by an Ocean Beach couple

He said, “They said they could let me stay for the weekend. That weekend turned out to be 11 years.” “That’s why it is important to me that I give back when I can. I wouldn’t have been where I am today if someone had not helped me.”

These are Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ chew toys. They are stylized, but easily recognized. Clinton smiles while sporting a button that reads “Pro Whatever” and a switch at her back that reads “Smile: On/Off”. A shattered Blackberry is under her right foot. Unruly Sanders, wild-haired with a button that says “Bern The 1%” and another button on his back that reads “Push to Activate the Revolution.”

The gap in the middle and those two empty hooks were then evident. I asked the man who worked there if that meant what I believed it meant.

  • They had one left in the window and they gave it to me.
  • That’s what I mean by hair.

Andrew Tsartsalis is the president of Pet Central. He said via email that the dolls are “definitely the most popular items on the shelves right now.” However, these sales are not balanced, just like in the local store.

He listed shops in various areas of the city. He wrote that “Chelsea West Village, Upper West Side, and Carnegie Hill” were the top-selling areas for Trump Dog Toy toys. Trump Dog Toy, Murray Hill outsells Clinton 4-to-1

He said that Sanders was not even in the ballpark 

This is more than a result of dolls being sold in New York City. John Lika, cofounder of Fuzzy, which makes the dolls, was my interview. Lika stated that the dolls are available in hundreds of stores “from Greenland and Alaska” and that there is a consistent sales pattern.