Wall Dog Screws: Universal Anchor

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Powers Wall Dog Screws are the first all-steel one-piece screw anchor. They feature high-profile threads that allow for fastening to wallboard or other masonry base materials. The Wall-dog’s corkscrew-like threads allow for easy entry and strong hold. When removed, the hole is smaller than other systems.

This patent-pending design allows for smooth entry, cutting, and a strong hold. When removed, it leaves a smaller hole than other toggles or systems.

This product is suitable for a variety of applications, including HVAC Fixtures and Electrical Fixtures, Smoke Detectors and Telecommunications Equipment.

Wall Dog Screws in Class 4 galvanized are only available in SQ2 drive and are recommended for use outside according to AS3566-2002.

Features of Wall Dog Screws

  • All-steel anchor
  • Easy installation with a SQ2 or PH2 driver
  • Universal and can be used with many base materials
  • Screwing into wood or wallboard requires no pre-drilling
  • Galvanized in Class 4 for better corrosion protection

Walldogs of Class 4 q Drive in accordance to AS3566-2002

*A 3mm hole must be predrilled before installing into Hebel block

*Pre-drilled holes of 5mm are required for fastening concrete, hollow, or grout-filled blocks, and brick.

These steel screws are self-tapping and mount in drywall with no pilot holes or anchors. The wide thread of these steel screws is strong enough to hold items up anywhere you want, not just on walls.

  • They can be used in brick, wood, or any other masonry that has a pilot hole of 3/16″.
  • They are 1 1/4 inches long and can support up to 60 lb.


Wall Dog Screws are not compatible with other mounting methods. They do not require plugs or housings. These screws can be driven directly into the base material until they meet the masonry. For concrete and harder materials like poured concrete, you will need to pre-drill in order to secure loads.

To guide the anchor screws, mark the mounting spot using a pencil. Pre-drilling may be required for certain projects. Refer to the instructions on how to find the right size drill bit for your anchor. Make a pilot hole large enough to accommodate the Wall Dog Screws anchor screws. After drilling, vacuum or use compressed air to clean the opening.

Attach the item to the wall by threading it. Make sure to include any washers that are specific to your project. Use a drill bit or a screwdriver to attach the anchor to the wall. If more than one Wall Dog anchor screw is required for mounting, repeat this step.


Wall-Dog anchors are a great option for fastening, both short-term and long-term. These anchors have a unique threading design that reduces drill spinning and minimizes the chance of damaging base materials and screws. The devices can be easily removed and reused between projects. There are also options for zinc-plated coatings that provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

Wall-Dog anchors can be used indoors. You can browse our selection of color options to match frames and borders like Black, White and Bronze as well as Brass, Brass, and Chrome.


When you are in the commercial construction business, fastening products can make your life much simpler. FMW Fasteners is your hardware supplier. We will ensure that you have the Wall-Dogs and specifications you require. We are proud to connect teams to our large selection of anchor screws. Additionally, we work closely with commercial construction companies that require specific materials as fast as possible.

Wall-Dog anchors are used by construction crews at all stages of the building process. It was once difficult to find compact, durable tools for fastening. But our one-stop shop has solutions that simplify your day on the job. Our fasteners are used in many commercial applications.

– Fixtures and plumbing fixtures can be locked down

– Attach smoke detectors

– Installation of electrical components and fuse box

– Ductwork sealing for HVAC systems


Do you love DIY and need Wall-Dog anchor screw for a project? As much as we work with contractors, we also partner with homeowners and experts. We understand that you want professional-looking results for personal projects. Therefore, we provide materials that will help you achieve that.

FMW Fasteners is here to help you realize your home improvement dreams. Our products are great for indoor storage and decorating. Wall-Dog anchors can be used to hang mirrors, family photos, movie posters, canvas paintings and bulletin boards that are too heavy for standard screws. You don’t have to hire professionals for jobs that you can do yourself, like updating shelves or cabinetry, or bathroom accessories.


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Wall-Dog(tm), an all-steel, one-piece, threaded fastener that attaches various fixtures to drywall, is made from steel. Wall Dog Screws fasteners can be used quickly. Wall-Dog(tm), unlike conventional anchors that require the second step of turning a sheet metal screw into a anchor, is directly installed through the fixture into drywall.

Wall-Dog, an all-steel, one-piece, screw anchor, features high-profile threads that allow for fastening to wallboard or other masonry base materials. The threads are corkscrew-like and provide smooth entry and strong hold. The Wall-Dog’s removal leaves a smaller hole than other systems, toggles included. Wall Dog Screws are available in white or chrome, and with two head styles: oval and pan. No pre-drilling required for fastening to wallboard or wood. The anchor is simply inserted through the fixture, and screwed into place with an ordinary Phillips driver. For fastening concrete, hollow, grout-filled concrete masonry or brick, you will need to drill a hole with an ANSI 3/16″ bit. Wall-Dog anchors can be used for light to medium duty anchoring. Lightweight fixtures, drapery supports, and electrical, telephone, and cable accessories are some of the most common uses.