The Best Portable “Travel Litter Box” for 2022

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The travel litter box must meet all the criteria of a standard litter box but be portable, easy to clean, and easy to use. They can be folded up and stored in the trunk of your car. They are made of canvas and can be folded up to store in any bag or box.

No matter what material or storage method, your Travel Litter Box should be easy to clean.

We have reviewed seven of the most popular travel litter boxes to help you make a decision. You can choose the one that suits you, your cat’s travel needs, and your personal preferences.

Necoichi Portable Cat Travel Litter Box

The Necoichi Portable Cat Litter box is portable and easy to store. The Necoichi Portable Cat Travel Litter Box is light at just over 1 pound and folds down to be closed. Because it is small and portable, you can easily store it in your backpack’s front pocket or in a bag. This litter tray is best suited for young or small cats. A typical Maine Coon may have difficulty fitting comfortably in the tray due to its dimensions.

It has a raised lip to prevent liquids from running or spilling. The litter tray comes with a waterproof liner that is easy to clean.

The IRIS Travel Litter Pan comes in a nylon pan with a zipper lid. The lid can be unzipped and filled with litter. Your cat will be ready to go wherever he wants to go. It is convenient to keep dry litter clean while on the move with the zipper top.

This litter pan is also suitable for small cats. It is made of nylon and is extremely lightweight. PVC coating protects the litter pan from liquid damage and makes it waterproof. It is lightweight and portable due to its nylon-coated PVC coating, but it is still quite flimsy.

The nylon will not fall if there are no walls. The litter tray is small and only suitable for kittens. There are also limited design options.

Petsfit Fabric Foldable/Portable Cat Travel Litter Box/Pan

Petsfit Fabric Portable Cat litter Pan is a lightweight cat litter pan. It is made from a solid Oxford fabric. Although it can be folded, it is more durable and robust than other litter pans.

The tray can be folded down and secured so it doesn’t fall apart during transport. The Petsfit is a great travel litter box and cat bed. Although it is quite small, large cats may not be able to fit into the Petsfit. It is also ideal for kittens and young cats.

Large cats could break the sides of the tray. There are no liners provided with this tray. You will need to make your own liners to ensure that there are no leaks.

Pet Fit for Life Portable Collapsible

Pet Fit For Life is an easy-to-use, collapsible Travel Litter Box. The nylon fabric is easy to clean and folds down to a compact 8×6 inch package. It can be stored in any bag, pocket or container. The pan is made from durable nylon and has a waterproof coating that prevents liquids escaping.

It is not suitable for adult cats, but it can be used by kittens or small breed cats. It has been known to leak in certain cases after only a few use. We recommend that you empty it and wipe it clean after every use. It can be difficult to fold and roll it properly so it can be stowed away.

It is affordable, performs well and comes with a water bowl that can be folded for easy transport.