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Training Your Dog Out Of Bad Behaviour

We love our dogs but sometimes it can be frustrating when they behave badly. It doesn’t matter if they were puppies or if we brought them into our home later in their lives, it is never too late for us to teach them the basics.

This guide will help you train your dog to be gentler and more responsible.

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Finding the root cause of the problem

It is much easier to say what your dog is unhappy than it is to do. These are common signs of bad behavior and what they might sometimes mean.

Aggression – A threatening growl, bark or sound can indicate fear, frustration, or pain. You can identify a trigger and try to find out what it is that causes them to react.

Constant barking – Your canine friend could be alerting to you that it is time to eat or go for a walk. If you’re not home, separation anxiety is a common reason for barking.

Boredom can lead to destructive chewing, especially if the dog is left alone for a long time.

Toileting in the home – Sometimes this is a sign that they are not trained to go outside. This can be a sign that they are afraid or excited, and it can also indicate their territory if they aren’t used to having other dogs in the home.

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They don’t return when called. This could be because they are having too much fun, and don’t want to go home. This could be fear of punishment, especially if they were rescued from a poor home.

Use a dog clicker

Positive reinforcement is an effective method for training your dog. It’s easy to use, fun for the dog and owner, and helps to create a strong bond between them.

If your dog is doing or about to do something unruly, simply click the button. This should bring them to their senses and get them off their feet. Give your dog a treat when they have stopped doing something that isn’t right. This will let them know that there is a reward for following the instructions. The clicker is small enough to be carried around easily and you want your dog to learn good behavior so you can give up using it altogether.

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If you need one, consider a muzzle

A muzzle can help calm your dog if they are aggressive while out on walks or bark at other dogs or people. A muzzle will calm your dog and put you at ease.

A muzzle should be well-fitted and comfortable. It should have an easy-to-use strap so it is simple to put on and take off. Many muzzles allow you to give your dog treats, making it easy for you to carry on your training while you’re out and about.

Use a dog whistle to your advantage

The whistle will draw attention to your dog and not scare them. It will also be audible at a low frequency so they won’t get scared. The whistle is compact and small, making it easy to carry around with you in case your dog starts to break your rules.

Consistency is key to whistle training. You should have a system of whistles for each command. For example, a long whistle to come back, and two short whistles for sit and stay. Your dog will not be able to understand what you’re asking them to do if your system is changed. Although it may take some time to teach your dog the proper use of whistles, the long-term results will be worth it.

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Effective toilet training

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy, or an old dog. The focus should be on repetition and rewarding the dog for their good behavior. Begin by walking your dog every hour and waiting for them to decide if they need to go. Encourage them to relieve themselves and reward them with a treat if they do. This will help them associate good behavior with going outside. You should be able to tell when your dog has to go to the bathroom. This can lead to them pacing or going to the front door. You can take them out immediately and then lead them to the exact same place in the garden. This will help them recognize this area as their toileting spot.

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