8 Tips For Helping Your Cat To Lose Weight

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A cat that is overweight can experience serious health problems. They can live a shorter life span, have a reduced lifespan, injure their joints and ligaments when they jump up and down, and can develop high blood pressure. This, just as in humans, can lead to strokes and heart disease. A fat cat will not be able run, play or enjoy life as much as a smaller cat. It is important that your cat loses weight when necessary. Here are some ways to help your cat lose weight.

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One of the best ways to help your cat lose weight is by following a calorie-controlled diet. Everybody, cats and dogs alike, should consume the right amount of calories each day. Women should have more calories than men, and cats should consume more calories than humans. Cats should ideally consume 240 calories daily. Your cat will gain weight if they consume more calories than their bodies can handle. It is easy to calculate how many calories your cat should consume. Simply take your cat’s weight in kilograms and multiply that number by 30. Add 70 to your answer. Add 0.8 to this number. You will see a decrease in your cat’s intake of calories. You can cut down your pet’s calories by 15% to achieve safe weight loss.

Make it a game

You can keep some of your cat’s dry food in the bowl and place the rest in a toy that acts as a food dispenser. Your cat will eat slower because they can only eat one biscuit at once. This will also help you lose weight as they will be more active and will need to work harder to get your food. This means that your cat will eat less and get more exercise in the same time. It is possible to hide your cat’s dry food in the house, so that they have to hunt it. This will give a cat who is already sedentary the opportunity to hunt and it can also encourage them to eat less.

Even if food is not involved, play time is important. Play time helps your cat bond and is fun. It also keeps your pet healthy and reduces stress. Spend 10 minutes a day playing with your cat. Laser pointers can be great fun. Watching your cat chase the light to catch it is always amusing.

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You can help your cat stay hydrated by adding water to their food. This will also help them to eat more, as they will eat more. This works best for dry cat food but can be done with wet food if you mix it all.

You get less and you get more

How often do you feed your cat each day? You might be doing more damage than good if you feed your cat two to three large meals per day. Cats like smaller meals, but they eat them more often3. The optimum number of small meals for a mature cat is seven. Your cat will not overeat or gorge on the food if it is split up. They will eat less often and eat only what they need. This allows them to regulate their diet.

We prefer less dry food

Dry food is where most of your cat’s calories are found. It is best to decrease the amount of dry food they eat and switch to wet food whenever possible. Dry food has very little water, while wet food can have as much as 80 percent. Dry food has a lot more calories! A single extra biscuit can make all the difference in how healthy your cat is and how many calories they can consume.

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Upgrade to Automatic

An automatic cat feeder is a great option if you’re away from home and want to introduce more food to your cat’s daily routine. It will calculate the number of meals your cat needs and will begin to open automatically. Your working hours don’t have to dictate what your cat can eat. This can be a great help.

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Your cat may benefit from human-grade, lean animal meat. It is not a good idea to feed your cat meat alone. Your cat will not get all the nutrients that they need. However, consuming meat with other foods can help them eat healthier and have a better diet. It is good for their teeth and can help stabilize their metabolism. Avoid mince and ‘pet food’ as they are often full of preservatives. A raw chicken neck is a great option for your cat to chew on. It will also last a long time.