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Here are some simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors

Are you looking for easy ways to keep your dog entertained and busy? This is the place for you. JSPuzzles.com is an online platform for jigsaw puzzles. It has a section dedicated to puzzles of all types of dogs. You can even find special albums for bulldogs, golder retrievers, chihuahuas, dalmatians, chihuahuas, and other dog breeds.

It can be difficult to keep your dog happy. It can be exhausting to try to find new ways to keep your dog happy. We’ve compiled a list of indoor activities for dogs with the help of Laika, my dog. You’ve found the right place if you are looking for indoor games to enjoy with your dog.

Play the Game of “Find The Treats”

Dogs can be tired by playing nose work games. You can mentally tire your dog out by teaching them basic nose games like “find the treats” and other similar activities. I love to use chopped carrots for this game.

Your dog will be watching as you pass treats around the room. Your dog should be given the cue to “find” the treats and encouraged to retrieve them. Remember to praise them each time they do so. Once your dog is confident they understand what “find the treat” means, you can make it more difficult. You can make it more difficult by asking them to stay in another area while you hide the treats. Then, they will be able to find them in places that they need to see such as under a rug.

Play the Shell Game

The shell game is a fun and simple game that dogs can play. You can play the shell game together with your dog by having your dog watch you place a treat underneath one of three cups. You will then move the cups around, encouraging your dog to “find the treat”.

Teach your dog to clean up after himself

You can teach your dog to put away toys if they are in a container. It may sound strange to teach your dog how to clean up after their toys, but it is actually quite fun. It’s a great way for your dog to learn new skills and increase their confidence.

If your dog is already familiar with “drop it”, have them grab a toy and then give it to them. Give them praises and then rinse and repeat. You’ll eventually have a dog who can clean up after himself if you practice consistency.

Stuffed Kongs are a great way to keep your dog entertained

Because they are so simple to make, stuffed Kongs are my favorite way to relieve dog boredom. You can keep your dog entertained for a while by stuffing a Kong full of their favorite treats. Put peanut butter, broth or other treats inside to give your dog something to do. Here are 39 healthy treats you can use to make Kong stuffing.

Play a game of Tug of War

A game of tug-of-war is a great way to have meaningful play time with your dog. This is a great way for your dog to exercise both mentally and physically. It doesn’t take up much space so you can play it indoors.

Contrary to popular belief, tugging will not make your dog aggressive or make them dominant. Your dog will enjoy the game more if they win, which will increase their willingness to play more. Dogs who play tug with their owners are more willing to obey and show greater confidence.

Teach your dog to help with chores

Even if they are just fetching your slippers, dogs love to have a job. It’s possible to make your dog feel more useful by teaching him the names of items that you would not mind retrieving.

Play Interactive Games

Interactive games like tug, fetch, puzzle, find the treats and fetch are great ways to keep my dog entertained on rainy days. Interactive games can be a great way to keep your dog entertained and reduce problems behaviors like excessive barking or chewing.

Get your dog to work for his food

Our dogs have a comfortable life. They get lots of attention and a warm bed. Our dogs were designed to work with us and many of them are missing out on mentally stimulating activities. It’s not unusual for dogs to have to work for food.

Teach your dog the names of their toys

Chaser, the Border Collie, has you ever seen her? Chaser the Border Collie knows more than 1,000 words and can identify any toy from 800 by its name. Chaser is a great example of a dog who can be overachievers, but Chaser can learn the names of toys from her and play some games.

Begin by giving your dog a name and playing with one toy. Your dog will learn the name of the toy after some praise and practice. You can then test your dog’s ability to pick out the toys by giving it a name.

Teach your dog a new trick

Is your dog able to weave between your legs and jump through hoops? You can always teach your dog a new trick, and I assure you that teaching your dog how weave through your legs is much easier than it sounds.

Clicker Training

A clicker is one of my favourite tips for dog training. A clicker is a small box that has a lever that sounds when you press it. It can be used to identify the exact moment your dog does a desired behavior. It’s a simple way to let my dog know when I’m doing the right thing.

Play the Which Hand Game

This is a great way to teach your dog scent work games. You will only need some treats for your dog, but you can make your own treats or use chopped up fruits and vegetables.

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