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Your Pet’s Teeth: Strong, but Fragile

Tennis Balls

Because of their abrasive surface, tennis ball toys can cause damage to teeth. Tennis balls can cause dogs to have flattened, smooth teeth. The wear eventually can reach the roots of the teeth and cause tooth fractures.

Bones and sticks

Do not give your pet bones, Nylabone toys, antlers or cow hooves. These toys are more difficult than your pet’s teeth. They can also splinter into small pieces and stab their soft palates. Ouch!

Frayed Rope

Toys with strings or frayed rope ends can cause serious intestinal damage. The material can wrap around teeth and cause damage. The material can also be separated, lodged between teeth and act as a foreign object, leading to severe periodontal diseases.

Popular Article: https://www.friendlyanimal.us/giardia-in-pets/

C.E.T. dental chews

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene chews are free from artificial coloring and made from carefully chosen hides. These chews contain a powerful enzyme called glucose oxidase that helps protect your dog’s teeth from disease-causing bacteria.


Greenies treats are a favorite of ours, as they clean the teeth and are loved by many dogs. Discover what GREENIES(tm), has to offer. Make sure your pet is not trying to swallow too much of the treat.

Toys without strings

  • KONG toys

KONG toys are safe for your teeth. We’ve found them to be very safe. You can learn more about KONG toys and view their toy selections.

  • Toys made of rubber are hallowed

Rubberized toys that are filled with treats won’t harm pets’ teeth. You must always be careful that your pet doesn’t chew on the toys or swallow them.

  • Balls with smooth surfaces

You should make sure that they are not easily punctured, and that they are large enough to prevent them from being swallowed.

These two tests will help you make sure toys and treats are safe for your dog’s teeth:

1. You can bend the item or insert your fingernail in it. The chew toy may be too hard to bend or for your fingernail not to create a temporary dent.

2. Think about what it would be like if you had to really bite into the toy that you’ve chosen. Is it possible to break your teeth with this toy?

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