The 2021 Best “Travel Chess Sets”

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Written By ManuelPeterson

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You’ll be amazed at how long you lived without one of these high-quality, compact and portable travel chess sets.

Vacations and business trips are not required for avid chess players

There are many portable chess sets available that can be used by people just like you. These chess sets can be carried easily and played on the move. These are just a few of the many features that make them so special:

Travel Chess Set Size

As a rule, portable chess sets will be smaller than standard-sized chess boards. These chess sets are smaller than standard size chess boards and can be easily packed in your luggage. It would be foolish to attempt to fit a set of chess pieces that is tournament-sized into your carry-on.

Travel Chess Set Weight

Travel chess sets that are better than full-sized ones are noticeably lighter. It is partly due to their smaller sizes, but sometimes. The materials used are deliberately chosen to minimize weight. They are easier to carry, so you won’t even notice any extra weight.


While size and weight are important factors in a chess set’s portability, they are not the only ones. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something small and lightweight will be a portable chess set. It is important to have a way to keep the pieces in place and not fly off when there is a bump. Magnetized chess boards are the best choice for most travel sets. We consider a few other factors to be important in choosing the right travel chess set.

The magnet strength of the pieces is the first. Nothing is worse than flying on an airplane with your pieces going flying in turbulence. It’s also important that the pieces don’t tip over in your car if the board is not in its place. Many travel chess sets don’t have the same magnet strength so they are often poorly designed. Some people hold their positions on the squares while others don’t.

It is also important to ensure that the pieces of your travel chess set can be distinguished. Although travel sets may be smaller than regular chess sets, you don’t want your eyes to strain trying to figure out whether you are about to move a pawn of a bishop.

Third, storage of pieces captured during play is an important consideration. Some sets include foam slots made from styrofoam. Some sets come with storage bags. It may be annoying to have to spend the time to locate and press your chessmen into foam spots. This can slow down your game and/or make it difficult to put your set away.

Last but not least, the question of whether or not the travel set of chess pieces will be flat. In order to be smaller and lighter, some sets can compromise functionality and ease of use.